Member Information

Executive Board – Click link to open the list of officers.  Executive Board 2017 – 2019    

Committee Chairs – Click link to open the list of committee chairs.   Committee Chairs 2017-19                                  

Quilt Show 2019 Chairs Jane Humay, Vicki Haines, and Ruth Baizman 

Calendar for 2018 – 2019 – Click the link to get the calendar of speakers and workshops for 2018 season.  2018-19 Calendar

Expense Voucher – Click the link to get a copy of HCQ Voucher for reimbursement for expenses If the expenses are from the, please use the other form below.  homemakers-voucher-pdf

Expense / Income Voucher for QUILT SHOW – Click the link to get a copy of HCQ Quilt Show Voucher for reimbursement for Quilt Show expenses. 

Homemakers Quilt SHow Voucher

Block of the Month 2018 –  Joyce Stemple is the chair for BOM. Email or call her for the patterns each month. The patterns will be shown at the meetings, emailed to members and sometimes in the newsletter.

Sleeve for Quilt – Click the link below to print to get instructions on how to put a sleeve on a large quilt. All large quilts must have a sleeve for hanging the quilt in the quilt show. If the quilt is longer than 85 inches, sew the sleeve so the top of the sleeve is at 85 inches.  This will allow the extra material to be draped over the top of the quilt rack, rather than the excess be pinned from the bottom. This will protect your quilt and look better when hanging in the show.

Constructing Hanging Sleeve For Quilts

Membership – Current members, please print the Membership Renewal Form and send it and your payment to the membership chair before April 30th. Remember after you have been a member for 30 years your dues are free, but you still must update your information.  The membership chair will let you know if you are a 30+ years member. Click the link to open the renewal form. Membership Renewal Form

Would you like to become a member? – Sign up on our waiting list at a meeting or by emailing your contact information to the webmaster, email New members are contacted in the Spring by the membership chair and introduced at the September meeting each year.

Quilt Show Registration Form – The 2019 Quilt Show Registration Form is now available.  Please print it and turn it into Janet Hague. All quilts must be registered. The deadline for the form is March 8, 2019 and will be strictly enforced.  If you don’t get your quilt finished in time, it is easier to take your quilt card out of the show cards than it is to put one in at the last minute.  A picture of the quilt is needed for insurance purposes. Click on the links to open the QS Registration Form and Guidelines.  2019 Quilt RegistrationForm    HCQ QUILT Show GUIDELINES for 2019

Quilt Show Education Room – Use the forms below if you are going to enter your quilt in the Education Room rather than the regular display in the quilt show.  Click on the links below to open the Education Room Guidelines and Registration form for the quilt show. EDUCATION ROOM DISPLAY REGISTRATION

Quilt Show Consignment Form – Print the form below to list the items to be sold in the Consignment Shop at the Quilt Show. Be sure to tag all your items with an item number and your initials. HCQ will collect 10% of the sale item. Click the link below to open the form.

Consignment Shop doc

Quilt Show Challenge Information – The Challenge Quilt must be registered through the regular QS registration process which includes a picture of the quilt. Click on the links for challenge information.  QS Challenge pg. 1 QS Challenge pg.2  QS Challenge pg.3

HCQ Library – HCQ has an extensive library of books and magazines. Members may check them out of the library during any meeting in the Walnut Room. The items must be returned by the last meeting of the year in May. Click link to open the list of library books. HCQ Library Books 2015

HCQ Resources – Other resources HCQ offers are quilt patterns, templates and stencils.  Members may check them out of the library and return them at the end of the year in May. Click link to open the list of patterns and stencils. HCQ Library Patterns and Stencils List

HCQ Policies – HCQ Polices are revised when needed. The most recent revision can be found here. Click link to open HCQ Policies.                               HCQ Policies Revised– 2017 

HCQ Bylaws – HCQ Bylaws are revised when needed. The most recent revision can be found here. Click link to open HCQ Bylaws.                                HCQ Bylaws 2017